Social Media Assessment of Difference Between 1.67 and 1.74 High Index Lenses

Social media is ever-present across the globe, connecting those who live across the world together. If my best friend or brother moves to Australia, no problem since I can still check up on them via Facebook and Instagram. This brings a new definition between purchasing eyewear, such as discerning the difference between 1.67 and 1.74 high index lenses. As an e-retailer such as Payne Glasses, people can hear about the latest finds for cheap and snag whatever they can get on the site. Social media plays a big part in this. You may find a YouTuber discuss the difference between 1.67 and 1.74 high index lenses when trying to sell the newest and coolest frames for spring time. However, there are many psychologically damaging indications for why you should resist the need to depend on social media platforms. The first one being the comparison that happens between you and others that you see on social media.


Psychologists have found that social media comparisons are more debilitating than the comparisons you would otherwise make in real life. Whether you think you’re better or worse than someone you see on social media, you’re going to feel pretty bad about yourself afterwards. Whereas in real life, you’ll only feel remorseful when you notice that someone else is doing better than you. Whether they have a nicer car or house, or are getting that promotion that you’ve been lusting over, you’re going to feel more let down than if it were the other way around.


Jealousy is a vicious cycle that many millennials especially have difficulty letting go of in this day and age. You may feed that jealousy by trying to buy a life for yourself that will be Instagram-worthy, such as with new Payne Glasses eyewear to amp up your style and vibe. The more you use Facebook or Instagram in a day, the less likely you will attribute happiness to the life you are leading. Don’t feel isolated from the world—get off your phones and into a café with your best friend.


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