When people addressing any of the tasks as work, do they find that task as more difficult than when they addressing the same task play? This would appear which they do. So, how we are able find that type of task. As the person, we need to learn new skills and by that we have to enhance our knowledge.

Some of the knowledge based games can be used to provide powerful metaphors for what happens in our workplace for relaxation. While playing these types of games, it will be fun and also competitive. Being children we may come across these things like playing games middle of our studies for relaxation, but we are doing the same after being an adult.

For this, so many things have been invented. Mostly, with the advent on technology, many things have been invented. In that many training sessions have been designed around watching and listening, but both are pure passive activities. But, the most powerful training have involved all the senses and the learning styles, and they allows the participants to absorb information in various ways, either it may be through hearing, sight, and doing which are through both reflective and active learning styles. This in turn helps us to promote retention and understanding.

As said earlier, these types of games are just for relaxation, and we can also find some of the games out of these to earn money. This would be the wonderful choice for the players, because through this we can also earn money as well as learn something. As there are many games under this category, the game play «Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?» is very popular among people. In this game, the player just need to answer for the question displayed in the screen and by answering each question they will get some money for that. In other words we can say, as how difficult the question is, that much money we can earn. In this play, the players will encounter three lifelines, such as ask the audience, 50-50, and phone a friend. All these lifelines can be use only once, and if anyone is used that cannot be used it again. If you are finding the question is difficult and want to get help from others, we can use this lifeline. Like this game, try to play when you are free just to relax yourself and your mind too.

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